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    Unblocked Games is not liable for any message posted. Unblocked Games does not check for accuracy or completeness of any post made within the Unblocked Games Forums.

    All posts or messages made within the Unblocked Games forums are the thoughts and opinions of the poster and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the forums or Unblocked Games as a whole.

    Unblocked Games will not transmit, sell or redistribute any information without your prior consent unless required under US Federal Law.

    As a member of this forum you are not authorized to post any affiliate URL that may lead to your earning money, credits or points with said service. This information applies to implementation of said content in your forum signature.

    You are discouraged but not prohibited from posting actual addresses or phone numbers on this forum. If done you do so at your own risk and the Unblocked Games forums are not held liable for any action that may occur.

    The use of bots or any form of automatic account creation or participation are prohibited.

    While there is not age restriction it is highly encouraged to contact a parent or guardian with your intentions on Unblocked Games forums if under the age of 18.

    By signing up with the Unblocked Games forums you agree to not use profane, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, hateful or otherwise threatening language throughout the Unblocked Games forums. You also agree that such action may result in the termination of your membership with the Unblocked Games forums.

    By signing up you also agree to not post any copyrighted material unless you own said copyright or have received approval to post said content.

    Unblocked Games reserves the right to modify or add to these guidelines as required or deemed necessary.

    Welcome to the forum.

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