Grand Theft Auto 2

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Arcade Driving Fighting Game Boy Advance 0

Grand Theft Auto 2

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Play Grand Theft Auto online unblocked - Several gangs are locked in a turf war, and your goal is to work for one of them and rise through the ranks to become a crime lord in GRAND THEFT AUTO 2. The payphone is your lifeline to the mob bosses, as this is only way you'll get jobs. Once you have completed a job, new and more challenging tasks become available. In all of the jobs, speed is the key to success, and since walking won't finish any job in time, you will have to "borrow" a vehicle. Luckily, every car you see can be stolen. While you're working, though, you'll want to keep a low profile and stay away from the cops; if they catch you, it is Game Over. Try to become the leader of your own crime syndicate in GRAND THEFT AUTO 2.

Game controls

Keyboard setup: A BUTTON = Keyboard Button Z B BUTTON = Keyboard Button X X BUTTON = Keyboard Button A Y BUTTON = Keyboard Button B START - Enter Select - Space BUTTON LEFT - LEFT ARROW RIGHT - RIGHT ARROW UP - UP ARROW DOWN - DOWN ARROW R - C L - D

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