Happy Wheels – Hacked Version

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Happy Wheels – Hacked Version

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Happy Wheels Hacked Version Unblocked -  In Happy Wheels the Hacked version enjoy invincible power as you have your choice of a select few inadequately equipped racers, while you try to avoid getting sliced, diced, and bashed like vegetable soup-- all in the hopes of a victorious finish at the end of each level.  --- How To Play: Use the Up and down arrows to accelerate and decelerate/reverse. Use the Left and right arrows for leaning. The Spacebar, ctrl, shift buttons control specific character actions. Use the Z button to eject. Once your player is ejected, you can grab onto anything your hands are touching by using the spacebar. Press the U D L R arrow keys to move while on the ground. If player is stuck on a level, the game must be restarted. This game is rated T for Teen:

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