Man or Monster Unblocked

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Man or Monster Unblocked

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Play Man or Monster unblocked - Play as a man: The people of the world need a hero in these dangerous times, and monster hunting happens to be your specialty. No monster is too big when you can fly into the sky to meet them face-to-face with a jetpack – and even the toughest of foes can’t ignore your tanks, helicopters, turrets and other defensive weaponry. Save civilians and maximize the number of undamaged buildings to earn cash. Play as a monster: Stomp your way from Amsterdam to Tokyo blowing fire, eating civilians and generally doing what monsters do best – wreaking havoc and mayhem! Destroy buildings and enemy units, collect treasure and eliminate the human cities to collect as much cash as possible. The Man might have tanks – but what is a little tank going to do against your awesome tail spins, toxic dumps and spider minions?

Man or Monster unblocked  is rated E for everyone. 

How to Play: WASD – Move Mouse – Aim Left mouse button – Primary attack Right mouse button – Jetpack (Man) / Secondary attack (Monster) Space – Build unit (Man) / Special attack (Monster) Mouse scroll – Select unit (Man) or special attack (Monster)

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