Super Fighters Unblocked

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Super Fighters Unblocked

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Play Superfighters unblocked - a game all about small soldiers blasting, mashing, smashing, burning and blowing each other into tiny pixels in repetitive fashion. THIS GAME IS VERY DIFFICULT! It's not supposed to be fair. Player pop out of nowhere and can take you out quickly. The objects that appear on the map are random and hits with guns are random. This game is all about chaos and destruction. * 1 and 2 player mode. Play co-op with a friend or try your best to murder him. * 13 weapons and 4 maps. * The spectacle is made more spectacular with Box2D physics. * Pick up bullet time powerups for a boost in combat. * Finish the Stage Mode to unlock a new player skin! Super Fighters unblocked is rated T for teen.

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