Super Mario Kart Unblocked

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Super Mario Kart Unblocked

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Play Super Mario Kart Unblocked - The first Go-Kart Racing game to come out for the SNES. Featuring all of the Super Mario bunch like Mario, Luigi, King Koopa, Toadstool, and the almost forgotten Donkey Kong Jr. Collect many power ups like mushrooms to speed you up; throw Koopa shells or banana peels at your opponent's to slow them down, plus many more items. The Battle mode is an excellent two player game, use the split screen view to watch both players battle it out. Super Mario Kart is fun and exciting addition to family of Mario games. Super Mario Kart Unblocked is rated E for everyone. How to play - Keyboard setup:  A BUTTON = Keyboard Button Z,  B BUTTON = Keyboard Button X, X BUTTON = Keyboard Button A, Y BUTTON = Keyboard Button B, START - Enter, Select - Space, BUTTON LEFT - LEFT ARROW, RIGHT - RIGHT ARROW, UP - UP ARROW, DOWN - DOWN ARROW, R - C,  L - D,

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