Tank Trouble

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Tank Trouble

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Welcome to the world of Tank Trouble! Simple-- an action packed multiplayer game where players battle it out until the only the strongest survives. Options: Select the "1 player" button to play against the computer, select the "2 PLAYER" button to play with a friend (or foe), and select the "3 PLAYER" button to play in a multiplayer showdown. Look out for bonuses during the game-- bonuses increase fire power and armor for a limited time. Use your ammo wisely as it is the key to defeating your opponent. Game controls : Player 1 controls: use keyboard Up Down Left Right Arrow Keys, use the "M" key to fire/shoot . Player 2 controls: use keyboard letters "E, S, D, F" and use the "Q" key to fire/shoot. Player 3: use your "Mouse" to control your tank.

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